Prospective Author Draft Post Submission

The Emergency Medicine PharmD blog's mission is to have evidence-based discussion of pharmacotherapy in emergency medicine and to attempt to define what an emergency pharmacist is (not just what they do). Consistent with this mission, pharmacists of all specialities who are interested in contributing to the content of the blog are encouraged to submit blog posts. While the subject matter of the post can vary, prospective authors should adhere to the following guidelines:

Each post should address one clinical question and to be presented in a blog post narrative format. Suggested sections include (but are not limited to): introduction of the clinical question, background information, summary of data, discussion/response to clinical question.

The draft post should be no more than 1500 words (does not have to be near this length; it is just to avoid lengthy posts). References should be noted throughout the manuscript by superscript numbers followed by a reference section at the end of the post.

Each manuscript author must list their credentials, current appointment, including institution of practice and location. If there is more than one author, designate the corresponding author, email address and any relevant disclosures. 

Submitted draft posts will be reviewed within one week and, provided acceptance as a post, will be sent to the author(s) for approval of edits prior to posting. 

Prospective authors must submit their manuscripts in a Word document (.doc or .docx) format to both Craig Cocchio ( and Nadia Awad ( for peer review.  

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